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in AČR Hořice

The AUTOMOTO club in the Czech Automobile Club Hořice is an organizational entity registered in the Czech Automobile Club and acts as an independent civic association engaged in motorcycle sports, BESIP education, and accommodation facilities. The club's obligation is to properly manage membership matters with the possibility of decision-making by all registered members.

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Within our websites, social networks on Facebook and Instagram, and other media spaces located throughout the race track, we offer promotion to companies from the world of motorcycles, cars, as well as gastronomy, IT, industry, and other fields. We will tailor marketing to you whether you are a small family business or globally known one.

For interest in media support, please contact us via email info@amkhorice.cz.

Our Team

Committee of the Automoto Club Hořice in the AČR

Tomáš Jenčovský


Karel Křovina

Místopředseda a čestný předseda

Ivan Doležal


Roman Horák

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Libor Kamenický

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Luděk Vejs

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Vilém Nečesaný

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Jiří Kolář

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Patrik Kolář

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Review Committee of the Automoto Club Hořice in the AČR

Anna Pourová


Jitka Jenčovská


Libuše Křovinová

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Kateřina Zívrová

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Ondřej Holubec

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"To write about the history of post-war road motorcycle racing in Czechoslovakia and not mention the name Gustav Havla would indicate a lack of knowledge among fans of fast bikes"
Karel Křovina
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Organized Events

The Gustav Havel’s 300 Curves

Open championship of the Czech Republic on natural circuits in categories 125 SP, Supermono, Supetwin, Supersport 300, 400 SSP, Supersport 600, Superbike, and Czech Republic Championship 125 GP / MOTO3, 250 Open.

Czech Tourist Trophy

IRRC Supersport, IRRC Superbike, Czech Republic Championship Classic, Free JPHZM SIDE

Car Orienteering Competition

After a hiatus of several years, we managed to revive the traditional orienteering race, which is intended for the general public. Participants can test their driving and navigation skills. During the competition, crews will cover approximately 150 km in normal traffic. During the drive, they must complete assigned tasks, orient themselves on the blind map and manage their time correctly.

Membership fees

Card typeAmount
BasicCZK 400.00
Under 18 yearsCZK 200.00
Over 60 yearsCZK 200.00
ZTP and ZTP-PCZK 200.00

Used shortcuts

  • AMK in AČR Hořice, AMK Hořice
    AUTOMOTO club in Autoclub of the Czech Republic Hořice
  • AČR
    Autoclub of the Czech Republic
  • 300 CGH
    The Gustav Havel’s 300 Curves
  • CTT
    Czech Tourist Trophy

Used symbols

  • Flag of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic
  • Emblem of the AUTOMOTO club Hořice