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Admission 300 CGH and CTT

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During the races, it is not possible to accommodate in the premises of Camp U Věže. These spaces are fully available to racers and their companions. However, additional accommodation facilities can be used directly in Hořice or in the nearest villages, such as Dachovy, Miletín, or Milovice.


Parking spaces are mainly located in the town of Hořice. The largest area is directly in Hořice square. Riegrova street, which is long enough for parking, can also be used for parking cars or motorcycles. You park and literally have a few meters to the race track. A beautiful walk, albeit uphill, will take you to the center of events, namely to the parking lot for racing machines.

Track Closure

Important information for those who still don't want to walk too much. The race track is closed at 7:30 am on both days for any regular traffic. Only organizer vehicles and vehicles with special markings are allowed to enter. So if you want to park your motorcycle near the depot, you have to get up early.

After the passage of the organizer's vehicle with a red flag, the track is also closed to pedestrians.

Ecological Decalogue

  • Only we humans have a responsibility to the plants and animals with which we share the environment.
  • Remember that damaging trees and plants in forests and meadows around the race track is prohibited.
  • We park with cars and motorcycles in designated areas and hardened surfaces.
  • We only use marked paths and areas, following the instructions of the organizers.
  • We always throw garbage into trash cans or other used containers.
  • We respect environmental conditions. Let's try to preserve it in its original state.
  • We do not make fires in the open nature and do not throw burning cigarette butts.
  • We take plastic bottles and packaging with us and dispose of them in designated collection containers.
  • We do not ride bicycles and motorcycles in forest vegetation and on forest roads.
  • We simply behave as we do at home, where everyone protects their environment.