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Information and instructions for riders and their teams
The Gustav Havel’s 300 Curves
18. - 

Registration deadline

Registrations submitted after this date may not be accepted.

The Gustav Havel’s 300 Curves

Starting Fee

ClassStarting FeeAnother Start
SP 125CZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
GP 125 / MOTO 3CZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
250 OPENCZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
SUPERTWINCZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
SUPERMONOCZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
Supersport 300CZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
Supersport 400CZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
Supersport 600CZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
SuperbikeCZK 4,500.00CZK 3,000.00
Czech Tourist Trophy
10. - 

Registration deadline

Registrations submitted after this date may not be accepted.

Czech Tourist Trophy

Starting Fee

ClassStarting FeeAnother Start
Klasik 175ccmCZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 250ccmCZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 250ccm (B)CZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 350ccmCZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 350ccm (B)CZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 500ccmCZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
Klasik 750ccmCZK 3,500.00CZK 2,500.00
SideCZK 2,500.00-
IRRC SSP€300.00-
IRRC SBK€300.00-

Behavior in the parking lot of racing machines - Paddock

The parking lot for racing machines (Paddock) is located in the area of the U Věže campsite, which is normally used as a recreational facility. During races, its usual capacity is multiplied several times. For these reasons, it is necessary to take into account some shortcomings associated with this (water, electricity, space, etc.). These problems can be partially prevented by adhering to the established rules.

Arrival of riders to the parking lot of racing machines

The arrival of riders and their team members to the parking lot of racing machines is usually allowed exceptionally from Wednesday afternoon, otherwise during Thursday and Friday. Restrictions may only occur due to collisions with training on the traffic playground that is located in the area. However, the organizer will try to prevent this situation and inform the riders in time.

Possibility of arrival of riders to the parking lot of racing machines

If a rider arrives outside these hours, he is obliged to park his vehicle (so that it does not obstruct the passage) on the main road in the camp and wait until the next day so as not to disturb others. This rule also applies to adjacent meadows.

Thursday8:00 – 22:00
Friday8:00 – 23:00
Saturdayuntil 7:30

Parking spaces

The rider will be admitted to the parking lot of racing machines only if his name is listed in the final starting list.

Parking spaces inside the Autokemp are primarily intended, due to the nature of the race, for riders of modern motorcycles. Other and riders who cannot find a place are designated adjacent spaces where electricity and social facilities are provided, just like in the main area.

Parking spaces located in front of cottages around the main road are intended for large vehicles, such as trailers, buses, etc.

The rider is obliged to occupy in the parking lot of racing machines only such a place that is assigned to him by a responsible person of the organizer (according to the designated plan).

It is not allowed to park in places marked by the organizer with colored tape or in any other way (e.g., nameplate).

If a different place than designated by the organizer or a place marked with colored tape is occupied, the rider will be expelled from this place.

In case one rider has several accompanying vehicles, the organizer will be asked to park some of these vehicles in spaces outside the parking lot of racing machines. The parking lot of racing machines is primarily intended for riders and not for extensive entourages.

After filling the capacity of the parking lot of racing machines in the Autokemp area, the riders will be placed in adjacent meadows.

When parking, it is necessary to consider others and occupy only the smallest possible space. Also, consider riders staying in cottages. Vehicles and tents of riders are getting bigger every year, and unfortunately, the parking lot of racing machines is not inflatable.


You can make reservations and any questions by sending an e-mail to

Reservations of places in the paddock are possible until 31. 7. 2024.

The condition for reservation is an accepted application and paid entry fee.

In the request for a place, please provide your name, class, number (in the case of multiple riders together, for each separately). Also, specify whether you will come with a van, tent, caravan, trailer, etc. + dimensions, how many meters you require, and the date and time of arrival.

The organizer reserves the right to offer an alternative in case it is not possible to fully meet your requirements due to capacity limitations.

In the case of multiple applicants for one place, consideration will be given to the number of starts, previous results, or standings in previous years.

Please note that the capacity for large vehicles (trucks) is limited, and once filled, it will no longer be possible to park in the paddock. We recommend checking availability in advance. (In this case, a reservation in advance is necessary!)

If you do not have a reservation, report to the main gate upon arrival, where the organizer will assign you a place according to the available capacity.


Autokemp U Věže serves as a normal accommodation facility until Friday, so it is necessary to pay for the stay at the reception on these days. From Friday to Sunday, the camp is reserved only for the organizers (AMK Hořice) and riders. On these days, no fee is charged for accommodation in outdoor areas. However, payment applies to cottages for the entire week. That is, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



If possible, do not use high-power electrical appliances (heating, kettles, etc.). Overloading the network may cause problems in supplying electrical energy, to which the organizer is forced to respond adequately, e.g., by temporarily disconnecting some components.


The organizer asks riders and entourages not to waste water unnecessarily and thus allow washing to others.

Harmful substances

Dispose of oily rags, oils, and other harmful substances in specially marked containers designated for this purpose, which are located near service roads. Use absorbent mats!


Dispose of waste in prepared bins and containers. Maintain order in the parking lot of racing machines.

Information means

All important information will be published on the information board located at the main gate. The results of individual training and races can be picked up in the reception area. Follow the current challenges spread via local radio.

Cards and control ribbons

Carry cards or control ribbons for riders, mechanics, entourages, etc., visibly to avoid unnecessary checks and be admitted to the areas authorized by you.

Private property and greenery

Do not damage the property of the organizer and the planted greenery (especially newly planted thuja and cherries). Behave like at home.

Night silence

Thursday - Sunday from 23:00 to 06:00.

Observe night silence. Surely, you also want to be fresh and fit the next day.

Follow the instructions of the staff in the paddock!!!