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International Motorcycle Klasik Race until 1972.

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By submitting the application, the rider confirms that they are insured in accordance with the regulations of the MS AČR, FIM or FIM Europe (depending on the type of event), mandatory insurance instructions published in the MS AČR Yearbook for the given year, and for the amounts stated in them for the given season. Only riders over 18 years old may start.

The race participant defined by Article 60.1 of the MS AČR Sporting Code releases the FMNR, organizer and officials, their employees, assistants, and representatives from any liability for loss, damage, or injury that may occur to them during the race at an official event or training for this event, as stated in Article 110.3 of the MS AČR General Sporting Code.

In addition, the participant assumes responsibility and confirms to the FMNR, organizers, and officials, their employees, assistants, and representatives their full responsibility towards third parties for loss, damage, or injury for which they are partially or fully responsible.

If during the event an injury occurs, or if the nature of the injury requires an examination of the ability to continue in the motorcycle event, the signed - aware of the danger to third parties - releases the doctor from their obligation to maintain medical confidentiality towards the FMNR, or towards responsible officials (event doctor, event director, sports commissioner) working at the event.

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